Hard drive, RAID and Servers emergency data recovery service.

When your hard disk drive or RAID drive array crashes, SERCA's Disaster Recovery Services can offer a fast, professional and cost-effective data recovery solution.

Personal computers, workstations, laptops and even the best-configured fault-tolerant system can fail due to:

When data appears to be lost or inaccessible you need fast, reliable service. We are experts in providing advanced data recovery services. We can recover data no matter how loss occurs ranging from accidental deletion, hardware crash, corrupted data, fire and water damage just to name a few.

SERCA's Disaster Recovery Service quickly accesses the most efficient and economical way to recover your valuable data and files. Every single RAID data recovery case which arrives at our labs receives high priority importance because we know and understand them to be a top priority for most organisations.

SERCA's hard drive & RAID data recovery process meets manufacturer's requirements and will not void your original disk drive warranty.