Digital Online Security and Protection

Digital Online Security and Protection

The digital security of your website and business is becoming ever more important. Poor management of online cyber-security can be a disruptive and costly mistake for a business to make.

If a business website or online systems go down, considerable time can be burned simply discovering “why?”. In addition to the expense of discovering what has happened, the more major cost can often be in lost opportunity. Every moment that your website is offline is a moment that potential customers cannot find you.

SERCA provides a multi-pronged approach to online and website cyber-security;

Security and website auditing

Performing a security audit on your website and online systems will help discover the potential points of failure and weakness. Knowledge of these grants the ability to take further measures as required.

Preventative measures

Prevention is better than a cure, and this has never been truer than with online security. We plug the gaps, fill the holes and setup systems that will prevent a wide range of attacks and failures.


Whilst preventative measures will deal with the majority of potential security issues, monitoring is vital for catching the ones that can’t be foreseen. Ongoing monitoring delivers timely awareness of any issues and a fast response time in dealing with them (and time is money).

SERCA provides ongoing monitoring with their custom systems, often catching intrusions and other events so subtle they could easily pass by without notice.

Investigation and repair

Should there be a failure or breach of your online systems, we can investigate the cause and initiate a solution. Fast response here is essential.

What are some potential threats to your online assets?

Mostly, when people consider online threats they think of hackers sitting in a distant room, breaking into other computers or websites. Whilst this does sometimes happen, potential internet security threats can come from a much wider range of sources.

These can include;

  • Theft of data
  • Unauthorised access to online systems and website
  • Unauthorised changes to online systems and website
  • Accidental changes made by your employees or outside contractors (such as your web developer)
  • Competitor initiated actions
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks

SERCA offers a number of primary cyber-security packages to protect your business;

Software Engineering & Research Corporation of Australia

Sydney NSW, Australia

Software Engineering & Research Corporation of Australia

Sydney NSW, Australia