What is Search Engine Optimisation - SEO?

Understanding SEO or Search Engine Optimisation can sometimes be very daunting to business owners.
In basic terms what is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
SEO is the term used to describe the process to help improve the visibility of a businesses website via Organic Search Results, rather than Pay Per Click Advertising.

When a user visits a Search Engine (eg. Google, Bing, Yahoo) looking for a business, they type in words/phrases that are specific to the type of business they are looking for (eg. "MECHANIC NEW YORK". After typing in their keywords/phrase into the Search Engine, there is a tendency for the user to click on a website that is 'at the top of the page' or at least on the first page. In general, terms users deem these businesses to be the most relevant.

SEO is the process of making sure your website is on Page 1 when a person searches using a particular word. This is why SEO is so important.

At SERCA our role is to make sure that your website appears on Page 1 for a variety of keywords searched. Our team employs organic techniques to make sure that your website is not only Search Engine Friendly but in turn, easily accessible. The more your website appears on Page 1 of Google when people search for your products/services, the more customers will find and use your business.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)?

Pay Per Click Advertising is a form of Advertising otherwise known as Sponsored Listing or Sponsored Links. Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo offer PPC Advertising as an Online Advertising Model, where they provide listings based on a bidding system.

Payment is charged each time that a user clicks on your Ad Link and through to your website. Basically you pay for each visitor to your website via their Sponsored Link Channel. The Sponsored Ads are ranked based on population and how much a business is prepared to pay per keyword or phrase.

The general PPC Advertising Model is based on bidding per keyword and cost per each time a user clicks through to your website.

Website Optimisation

Website Optimisation is the process of tailoring or designing web pages that will rank high with Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc).

It involves the process of adding and defining relevant keywords and phrases, editing meta tags and optimising all components of your website to ensure that your website is adequately set up, to achieve top Search Engine Rankings.

If you already have an established website, before it can be optimised, it is essential that it undergoes a comprehensive analysis, to determine the traffic it is currently attracting. After this is done we would use the findings to determine how we can attract more traffic to the website and in turn convert the visitors into customers.

Basically we want to understand how easily the Search Engines are currently finding your website and where they are ranking you and then use this information to give you more dynamic Search Engine Results.

SERCA researches the following:


We would then introduce a range of Strategies directed at making your Website more Search Engine Friendly including:

SERCA works on a personal level, tailoring Website Optimisation Strategies specifically to your business. No business or website has the same requirements and each website will receive a tailor made Website Optimisation Solution with guaranteed results. SERCA is committed to improving your website ranking and most importantly your results.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a platform whereby businesses gain website traffic through Social Media Sites eg. Facebook, Twitter etc.


It is a platform whereby businesses spread message between users and it is for this reason that it is a method driven by word of mouth rather than paid advertising.
Social Media Marketing allows the business to connect with users on a personalised level and it works dynamically hand in.

Why Choose SERCA for your SEO?


We know that you want the most effective Online Advertisement Presence and there are so many companies to choose from, so why choose SERCA?

Question-MarkAt SERCA we do things differently. Our services are purely Results Driven. If we don't get you on Page 1 for your selected Keywords and Phrases, we don't get paid!

SERCA is achieving Page 1 results for all of our clients on all of the Major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) and we are committed to maintaining these results. We serve over 200 clients many of which we have been delivering them results for over several years.

We don't charge Per Click, which means that it doesn't matter how many visitors reach your site. Whether 100 or 10,000 users visit your site quarterly it won't affect your pricing.

We are proud to say that we give individual attention to every client. We believe in tailoring every solution to our client's need and we spend considerable time getting to know you, your business and your SEO requirements.

Our SEO prices are extremely affordable and our systems have been tried and tested. They are effective and they deliver Page 1 results to every client.

We are proud to say that we are a performance based SEO company. We are accountable to your business and your success is our success.

We will guide you every step of the way on your SEO journey and look forward to achieving Page 1 SEO Rankings for your business.

The proven list of benefits of SERCAs SEO work can be seen by clicking here to access our Portfolio list.