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We provide a wide range of digital services to business clients. Our services help increase business profitability, protect your business online and achieve strategic development”

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Have you heard of the term SEO? Do you receive emails asking if you’d like to improve your online presence? We get them all the time.

The fact we get them goes to show how much research the sender is doing before sending them. Most time they ask you to reply with your domain name. They’re hoping to get lots of people come back to them with domain names to target.

You see, they know the websites on Page 1 of Google are getting most of the clicks. Its a well documented fact more than 70% of people searching for something only go to Page 1.

And with over 600,000 searches per day in Australia, well, you get the drift. These folks spamming your inbox know there is only 10 spots on the first page where a business can list.

SEO is essential for your business. Let me say that again, search engine optimisation is essential for your business. So don’t even think, do I need to do this to my website? You do and you must if you want to win business online.

SEO is the most sustainable strategy to find more customers online. But its a science in itself, let’s start from the very basics.

Cyber security generally involves software use on the internet. It is an all encompassing term that involves access, authorisation and authenticiation.

A common mindset towards cyber threat is that we’ll worry about it when something bad happens. This approach is a recipe for disaster. Trust is why people buy from your business. Trust in you, trust you can do the work you do and trust in your systems and processes.

A potential customer wants to feel secure when dealing with your website. They know there email address and personal details are valuable. Its so important your site is secure and complies with lawful business practices.

A privacy policy, terms & conditions page that actually reflects your business is essential. Providing your customers the ability to opt in/out of correspondence is also both lawful and required. Customers appreciate it.

Let’s highlight a few aspects of Online Security. Serca has both the tools and capability to manage these for you.

Online Security

Think of your website as a piece of digital real estate sitting on the internet. Visitors are anonymous, driven to your site by marketing methods. Or if your site is maintained correctly, visitors find your site when using a search engine. They type in search terms related to your content and your site appears, front and centre.

How do you know what visitors to your site are doing? Which page did they land on, were they engaged for any length of time? These are questions we answer for you in our reporting methods.

Do you know now what devices your potential customers are using to access your site? As the decision maker in your business, we think you need to know.

The more information you have about your visitors the more informed you are. Makes the decision simple when you have the right information doesn’t it.

In the digital world, monitoring your online presence involves systems and events. Events trigger responses. It’s the responses we view and our experience with the contents that keeps your website the way you like it.


The internet is always changing. We ensure your website optimisation works and the Google crawler loves it.

To do that we have to get under the hood, get our hands dirty and think like the crawler acts.

We get in the mind of your customer and work out there intent by the keywords they are using.

So we have the audit of your existing website right. Then we look at whether your existing website aligns with your target market. This is so important and often overlooked.

At Serca, we use specialised tools and our experience to scan and analyse your website.

Audits and Analysis

Paid online advertising, is also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Pay-Per-Impression (PPI).

It’s a type of advertising where you as the owner pay each time a potential customer clicks on your online ad.

Paid search campaigns are great within Google, they take you straight to the top of Page 1. Pointing straight to your website they bring your product to your customer. Great marketing tactic while you build your on-page SEO campaign.

You pay per click of course in an auction type system. Your competitors are using this too, so you’re competing for the click. So what does this mean for you. Well, if you’re in a competitive industry, expect to pay more for the best search terms. We like it to start you off, we like it better when you don’t have to pay though. We aim to make your website rank by its content.

Generic keywords are expensive in high-value niches and where high search volume exists. We do the research and find the keywords others don’t.

Your website has a variety of purposes. It needs to be functional, represent your brand and be helpful for your customers.

But it also needs to have lots of juicy text for the Google crawler to scan and index.

How many potential customers are finding your site now, viewing it before they call or visit. We need your customers to find you, view your authoritative website and choose to reach out to you.

In today’s competitive business environment, you can’t think of not having a website. A well designed and optimised website by SERCA is a major way of attracting new customers.

We have a small team of expert web developers and designers who bring every project together. They have the end goal in mind.

Here is how Serca develops your website.

Web Development

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok, where is your target market located. Over the past few years, social media has evolved into one of the most powerful digital mediums.

It’s powerful, and business knows it. People are checking there social media whenever they find the time do do so, some more than 10x a day.

A consistent presence on social media platforms will be key to your digital growth. Our team at SERCA will discover where your target market is and devise a strategy to pique interest. Our aim with social media is maximising outreach and encouraging engagement.

Let’s discuss how we plan to manage your social media platforms.

It can take years or even decades to build a good reputation in your particular niche. Even a few or at times a single negative on social media can cause issues if not managed.

We believe customers are king when it comes to business. Businesses tarnished by mismanagement of there online reputation need significant effort to recover.

If public opinion about a business is negative, businesses must take steps to address it. This is where the reputation management service that SERCA provides becomes invaluable.

At SERCA we work on the mantra that a negative review or article can turn around with positivity. Keeping abreast and commenting on all reviews is crucial.

We can assist build, maintain and even improve the online reputation of your business. This is a science in itself that requires constant involvement and monitoring.

Audits and Analysis - Home

So you know your not using your IT in the most efficient way. You’re not alone.

At SERCA, we still come across businesses running completely off spreadsheets. Customer details, products, suppliers and couriers all managed in spreadsheets.

You might not know what a CRM is, it’s a customer relationship management database. It stores everything you would need to know about your customer. Absolute gold in today’s world.

If you want to make better use of technology, and free yourself up from administration. Call us today.

We’ll spend an hour with you and have a look at how you’re doing things in your business.

At SERCA, our focus is on providing you consultancy on two core areas for your digital technology.


SERCA offers a wide range of services to improve your online presence. We can make your website rank higher in search results and get your phone ringing.

Your visibility over the web is not a one-time effort. It is something you have to stay on top of, improve and keep up to date.

Doing all this is rarely possible for a busy small business owner. It diverts your time and energy from actually running your business. This is where SERCA comes in as your online services provider.

Our vision at SERCA is to develop innovative ideas that provide our clients with solutions in promoting, growing, and protecting their business.

Business trends are rapidly changing. We believe in updating our knowledge of new technologies, systems, and processes. Understanding of new techniques technologies allows us to provide our clients with the best of everything.


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