Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security?

Generally involves software use on the internet. It is an all encompassing term that involves access, authorisation and authentication. A common mindset towards cyber threat is that we’ll worry about it when something bad happens. This approach is a recipe for disaster. Trust is why people buy from your business. Trust in you, trust you can do the work you do and trust in your systems and processes. A potential customer wants to feel secure when dealing with your website. They know there email address and personal details are valuable. Its so important your site is secure and complies with lawful business practice. A privacy policy, terms & conditions page that actually reflects your business is essential. Providing your customers the ability to opt in/out of correspondence is also best. Let’s highlight a few aspects of Online Security. Serca has both the tools and capability to manage these for you.
Cyber Security

Content Management Controls

Your website and other digital content is a reflection of your business. Serca’s content experts will streamline the whole content production process. They will set roles of who posts content online. In this way, there is a built in mechanism for accountability and control.

Online Security - Content Management Controls

Malware Protection

This is one of the most prevalent cyber threats. Malware can be of many types and harmful for your website. Malware can affect the user interface of your website and increase page loading time. It can even steal your customer’s data.

SERCA has some of the industry’s best malware detection and prevention tools. They can detect any abnormal activity over your website and social media accounts. It also works for any other digital content. This means your online content is safe and under your control.

Ransomware Protection

Don’t want to pay a huge sum of money to intruders that have made your data unusable? Good! Let SERCA help you protect against ransomware.

The beauty of protecting against ransomware is that it pays for itself. Not only won’t you be paying your hard earned money to people that have broken into your online ecosystem.

You’ll be investing to make it secure and preventing you from a bunch of other threats at the same time.

Ransomware, as the name suggests makes your data unusable till you pay a large ransom. You might be thinking, it doesn’t sound too bad.

Why spend on security when you can pay to get it fixed on the off chance that you do get hacked.

Here’s where you’re in trouble.   There is no guarantee that paying the ransom will get you your data back. There is no guarantee that they won’t do it again.

I’m sure you’ve heard of company extortion over ransomware. It’s one of the threats businesses need safeguarding against.  In the worst case, your data is gone for good.

In the best case you get your data back but it will NEVER be safe again. But wait, we have backups. Ransomware sits inside your files and out lives your backup retention before striking. Chances are that even the oldest backup you have is still infected.  

The ONLY way to fight ransomware is being proactive. At SERCA security is of paramount importance. Our experts will comb through your online security and make sure you’re protected.

Network Monitoring - Cyber Security

Network Monitoring

SERCA’s cyber security team use round the clock network monitoring tools. These detect any abnormal activity over your website or organisational network. In today’s cyber space, a proactive approach is your best and only line of defence against modern threats. Investigation and Repair Measures Your website and digital content is susceptible to attack as much as any other online system. There are always vulnerabilities and flaws malicious hackers seek to exploit. Use SERCA’s expertise to investigate cyber attack incidents. Our team will determine the extent of damage and take remedial actions. We will bring in expertise where we don’t have it to uncover specialised system misuse. We have a network of cyber professionals who can work together if necessary. Our data analysis experts will isolate the infected areas of your data or network. This will contain the damage. We will analyse the cause to prevent recurrence after securing your online assets . Our main goal is to plug security gaps in your digital assets.

Investigation and Repair Measures

Businesses need to guard themselves against common threats.

Where an anomaly is identified or noticed, your system must be able to show who did what and when. SERCA can set the right events to monitor according to the threat levels of your industry.

Often it’s as simple as ensuring your staff have unique usernames and passwords. We look at your systems and advise you on how to fill the gaps. Where access has been gained to a location on your site surreptitiously we will quickly identify and advise you on an alternate system configuration..

We keep abreast of common issues and help your systems survivability by regularly patching and updating your systems against the latest vulnerabilities.

Online Security - Investigation and Repair Measures
Online Security Monitoring of Web Traffic

Monitoring of Web Traffic

Website traffic is important, especially organic and paid traffic.

You need quality, qualified traffic. People that are generally interested in your product or service.

SERCA has the requisite expertise to check the sources of your online traffic. We highlight traffic from irrelevant or grey geographies.

We watch where your traffic is coming from to see if this affecting the metrics on your site.

Traffic from some blacklisted areas can be a red flag that requires analysis.  A layman would feel happy with the increase in online traffic. At SERCA, our analysts will identify the relevant traffic for your brand or business.

Our team can also blacklist an internet address where we identify the source of an issue. This is useful for unsophisticated or nuisance attacks. People who derive pleasure from dummy orders.

If security of your website and passwords if of importance, let us assist you today.

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