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Does Your Website Reflect Your Business?

Your website has a variety of purposes. It needs to be functional, represent your brand and be helpful for your customers.

But it also needs to have lots of juicy text for the Google crawler to scan and index.

How many potential customers are finding your site now, viewing it before they call or visit. We need your customers to find you, view your authoritative website, and choose to do business with you.

In today’s competitive business environment, you can’t think of not having a website. A well designed and optimised website by SERCA is a major way of attracting new customers.

We have a small team of expert web developers and designers who bring every project together. They have the end goal in mind. 

Here is how SERCA develops your website. 

Does Your Website Reflect Your Business
Website Blueprint

Website Blueprint

Our process starts with consultation. Its important we get the feel for your business, your point of difference in your industry. At this stage we’re drawing it out, understanding the page flow. The end result is working out how many pages you will need.

Visual appeal is the first aspect a customer will notice about your website. This is even before interacting with the site itself. It needs to be spot on with the visual layout, color scheme and navigation.

If your layout is unappealing, visitors will “bounce off” your website. The analytics of your website will tell us that. This will not only hurt your business, but also affect the ranking of your website in search engines.

If you agree to our suggestions we then look at your customer  experience. We look at the colour scheme to match your branding along with the theme concept. 

Business Information

Your website should be a complete reflection of your business. Our team will design your website serving both existing and potential customers. We want to entice your potential customers from the very first time they view it.

Our content team will produce compelling content using the highest volume search terms. We invite the Google crawler time and time again by updating your content subtly.

Customers love current, updated information. Websites with outdated, tired content have high bounce rates and less customer engagement.

Business Information of Website Developement

Ease of Navigation

The team at SERCA will help create navigation menus that are intuitive. Its easy to navigate through a website right where there are helpful links.

Your website address as customers navigate your site should be as short as possible. Long lengthy addresses do not entice authoritative websites to want to link to you

Website Audit and Optimisation

Website Optimisation

The last and important step will be technical optimisation. We ensure your site pages are well described in the search engine result pages.

With your customer in mind, we check your website presence in the search engines. Each page should show up in the SERPs for specific keywords so that your message is available.  

We make sure all pages are the right size and all tags are correct. We also check for any broken links and ensure mobile-friendliness.

There are a lot of other elements we look at with your website that we could write about. The reality is we build sites that work. Sites that express your intent and ensure the search engines know what you’re about.  Call us today to discuss your business needs.

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