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Can You Manage Your Social Media Effectively?

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok, where is your target market located. Over the past few years, social media has evolved into one of the most powerful digital mediums.

It’s powerful, and businesses know it. People are checking their social media whenever they find the time to do so, some more than 10x a day.

A consistent presence on social media platforms will be key to your digital growth. Our team at SERCA will discover where your target market is and devise a strategy to pique interest. Our aim with social media is maximising outreach and encouraging engagement. 

Let’s discuss how we plan to manage your social media platforms. 

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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Within the broad domain of social media, it may be that we can use more than one platform. Throwing more than one line in the pond so to speak.

Businesses that speak the language of there target audience do best. They engage and build trust with there audience which bingo, converts to sales.

Our team can start from scratch or takeover your existing accounts. You might be the business owner or manager posting content on occasion.  We can devise a strategy that your target market expresses interest in.

Within the platforms we discuss, we’ll give you solid options on how to build the right audience.

Social Media - Create Engaging Content

Create Engaging Content

You only have a few seconds to create an impact on social media unlike other digital platforms. Most “social media butterflies” tend to scan or swipe over countless posts in a matter of minutes.

Whether it be infographics, video or created content, SERCA will create meaningful engagement. We’ll build that audience so you can create and promote your product or services to them and friends.

Check Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms are diverse, with so many different industries adding content. SERCA will keep abreast of all your accounts and post on your platforms according to the plan you choose.

We cater for all types of business. Those starting out and those with already extensive social media strategies in place.  Where comment is required we will add value presenting your business in the right light.

Sometimes quick commenting from direct messaging is appropriate. SERCA will provide quick feedback and seek further guidance from business management. You can then deal with the matter in-house preventing negative reputational comments.

Social Media Reputation Management

Social Media Reputation Management

Social media can be a ruthless platform and if you decide to venture into it, you may also have to face tough times. An unhappy customer may try to vent out all their frustrations over a social media platform. In most cases they tend to exaggerate.

Managing your brand’s reputation over social media is critical. Our team will manage the reputation of your business with aplomb.

Pick from one of our plans today, get in touch, and discuss your needs. You’ll find social media management with our team a breeze.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns can be quite cost-effective depending on your purpose. Our team will walk you through the finer detail and get you meaningful results.

We’ll set up a professional campaign that piques your audience’s interest. Whether it be lead generation or product based we can help you navigate social media.

Social media management with SERCA

Why Serca?

Social media management with SERCA is another trusted service you can handball to us. Taking this off your bailiwick of tasks so you can focus on your business is a better way to spend your time.

We cater to all budgets and can devise an independent strategy. We want you to be successful. Social media is here to stay and can be another string in your sales channel bow if managed effectively.

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