Organic SEO

Have you heard of the term SEO?

Do you receive emails asking if you’d like to improve your online presence?  We get them all the time. The fact we get them goes to show how much research the sender is doing before sending them. Most time they ask you to reply with your domain name. They’re hoping to get lots of people come back to them with domain names to target. You see, they know the websites on Page 1 of Google are getting most of the clicks. Its a well documented fact more than 70% of people searching for something only go to Page 1. And with over 600,000 searches per day in Australia, well, you get the drift. These folks spamming your inbox know there is only 10 spots on the first page where a business can list. SEO is essential for your business. Let me say that again, search engine optimisation is essential for your business. So don’t even think, do I need to do this for my website? You do. SEO is the most sustainable strategy to find more customers online. But its a science in itself, let’s start from the very basics.
Have you heard of SEO

What is SEO

SEO is the process of optimising your website so that it ranks. When we say ranks, we mean, someone types in a search term and your website appears. We aim to get you to the very top. This means building the best website possible. Then jamming some juicy keywords within the text that people type into google. 

Sounds simple right… ah wait, there’s more.


Google is always mixing things up, what works today, may not work tomorrow. Yet we know some things have not changed. Keywords are still important, but no longer work alone to get you sorted.

When everyone started building websites and content, it was all about the keywords.  Not anymore, Google found a way to make it more complex. 

Have you heard of AI (artificial intelligence)? Google has so many ways to work out which sites to rank highest. We keep on top of the changes they make and adjust your site regularly.

You see, the search engines don’t want to give you crappy results when you’re looking for something. Google wants you to trust it to deliver you the best results straight away. They know your time is short.

If you can’t find what you want, you might go to another search engine. That won’t do. 

Understand that the google crawler is an algorithm that produces a score.  You score well and up the rankings you go.

At SERCA we perform white hat techniques to rank your site. We build content so other businesses want to connect to you.

There are shortcuts though, they’re called black hat SEO techniques. They try to manipulate the algorithm.  It can work, for a while, but Google loves to find sites using these and penalise them accordingly. Ah, no, you don’t want that.

The last thing we want to do is to put you in that position. Here’s what we do.

SEO Audit

First we want to see how easy or difficult it’s going be to rank in your niche. We can establish roughly how long it’s going to take by looking at your industry and who’s killing it.

Then we use our tools to determine how they’re doing it.  What has been working for them?  What are the top keywords your competitors are ranking for?

How many other authoritative websites are linking to these top sites. It’s a number right, a number we need to beat, so your business can get to Page 1.

We’ll likely need to rewrite your content to get those keywords on your site. We need lots of them for the google crawler to index. This will make your site relevant within your niche.

Because that’s what Google wants. They want to show your customer the best sites that are going to answer there query.

Web Hosting and Auditing

Keyword Research and Analysis

We’ll start with some of the more common keywords you’re already targetting to get started. If your targetting local business, and you should be, we’ll add your keyword + your area.

For national campaigns we start by searching the “niche + city” as the keyword. Then look at what competitors pop up. Success leaves clues and at SERCA we have the expertise to identify what is working now in your industry.

It’s not rocket science but it takes experience to get this right.

On Page SEO

On-Page SEO is everything that happens on your site. Here’s how to create excellent on-page SEO. You heard it here first.

Readability = Scannability: Page Flow

Page flow is a big deal. Most people scan articles rather than read them word-for-word. First impressions matter and the formatting of your written content, is essential.

You want good page flow, do this!

  1. Use Bold and italics.
  2. Use bullet points.
  3. Each paragraph should be 2-3 sentences with a space between paragraphs.
  4. Incorporate video, images and graphs with your text.
  5. Use headings or subheading every 300 – 400 words.

Five of the best right there, will make your content easy to read. Use internal links back to your home page and outbound links to related content.  Share the love.  Outbound links go from your site to another. Its easy for your customer to find relevant information straight from your page.

Use the keyword you’re targetting once or twice for every 300 words. Use synonyms of the keyword, Google knows what you’re talking about.

Use target keywords in your titles and page descriptions too, its proven to work. Don’t fight it.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO

The hard part of the ranking riddle yet proven to get you up the page.

TRUST – be the popular kid with lots of friends. You need votes from other authoritative websites. Links to your pages, because your content is fantastic.

These links to your site combined with your content give you AUTHORITY. You’re on your way with SEO when you have both of these.

This is the main metric that Google uses to determine authority and trustworthiness. You have these little gems and you’re flying.

End Goal of SEO

We’ve kept it pretty simple. We haven’t discussed technical SEO or fast web page loading. 

We haven’t discussed responsiveness. The way your page looks on mobile and desktop devices.

Our monthly reporting shows you how many people are viewing your website on a mobile device. We show you how much traffic you’re getting to your website.

Search engine optimisation takes time to put in place and coordinate. Trust SERCA to take care of this so you can do what you do best in operating your business.

End Goal of SEO

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