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Is Your Business Driving Your IT Needs?

So you know your not using your IT in the most efficient way. You’re not alone.

At Serca, we still come across businesses running completely off spreadsheets. Customer details, products, suppliers and couriers all managed in spreadsheets.

You might not know what a CRM is, it’s a customer relationship management database. It stores everything you would need to know about your customer.

If you want to make better use of technology, and free yourself up from administration. Call us in.

We’ll spend an hour with you and have a look at how you’re doing things in your business.

At Serca, our focus is on providing you consultancy on two core areas for your digital technology.

Is Your Business Driving Your IT Needs
How can we improve your business
  1. How can we systemise how you are working now from an IT management perspective?
  2. What better use of your current digital software can we make to optimise your office?

Below is a glimpse of how we take you along a digital transformation journey.

Unification of Platforms

Organisations tend to keep adding functional areas as the business grows. Yet, most of its done without considering the IT needs. 

So many businesses will have a salesman walk in to sell an upgrade to an IT product yet the business may not need it. We see this often.

Access to the NBN has moved IT infrastructure services into the cloud. We can now shift those infrastructure costs for your business. Say goodbye to ongoing maintenance and hardware issues with expensive PABX equipment. With the NBN, you can now move those expensive phone systems to the cloud.

We can help you move your domain and data storage requirements to the cloud. In most instances, you no longer need a physical server in your location. Why take the risk.

Move the server to the cloud and give access to the business data to your team as you need to. The data can be secure and safe if setup the right way.

Our team will look at your existing setup and how you can take advantage of the benefits the NBN now offers.

Digital Consulting - Making You Remote Ready

Making You Remote Ready

The recent COVID-19 restrictions saw an unprecedented reliance on remote workforces.

Call Serca to help establish your business so you are ready for this kind of situation in the future. You might be considering having some staff work at home now on a full-time basis.

We can help you plan that right down to monitoring your staff are actually working. The software now exists.

We can help you install a soft phone on a home PC so your remote staff are able to take calls to a work number.

In today’s world, almost anything is possible. Business can continue to operate during forced closures.

Cyber Security

Speak to us if you are considering a cyber security audit. Do you have staff who have left the organisation who might still have access to data?

Can an insider to your organisation copy data off your network unauthorised?

Does your team share passwords?

These are all things we find when performing cyber security audits on businesses. Quite often, business owners don’t realise how exposed their businesses are.

Disgruntled insider, external hacker or poor business continuity planning. Speak to us about a cyber security audit and we’ll consult and provide you a written report of what we find.

cyber security audits
Leveraging Digital Platforms for Growth

Leveraging Digital Platforms for Growth

We will help you grow using digital platforms. We will achieve this by consolidation of your business foundations. Serca will identify the digital platforms that work well for your business model.

We’ll ensure all suggested platforms take Return on Investment into account.

Below are a few core areas where Serca’s experts will assist you:

  • Develop an informative and user friendly business website
  • Start targeted SEO strategies to improve your ranking in search results (SERPs)
  • Develop a social media strategy for your business on relevant platforms
  • Craft an online interaction strategy with customers and prospects such as webinars
  • Design a targeted paid promotional campaign over the web for brand awareness
  • Create effective monitoring and reporting mechanisms to measure the results of your efforts

Why Digital Technologies

The NBN has now given us the bandwidth and high speed access to the internet that as Australians, we have needed.

Low cost services that were never available before are now accessible to anyone.

Take advantage of the opportunity by migrating those services you can to the cloud. Its a far better idea for business continuity and disaster recovery. It prevents you having expensive IT equipment like servers and storage devices in-house.

Let Serca take care of your digital initiatives both at the internal level and the customer side. We will make the most of every dollar you spend on digital transformation.

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