Audits and Analysis

Online Audit and Analysis

The internet is always changing. We ensure your website optimisation works and the Google crawler loves it.

To do that we have to get under the hood, get our hands dirty and think like the crawler acts.

We get in the mind of your customer and work out there intent by the keywords they are using.

So we have the audit of your existing website right. Then we look at your existing website and whether it aligns with your target market. So important.

At SERCA, we use specialised tools and our experience to scan and analyse your website.

Online Audit and Analysis
How Does a Website Audit Work

How Does a Website Audit Work?

Well it’s a multi-dimensional approach.

Your website is a combination of many individual elements.

Google has become so smart with its artificial intelligence. If even one element is not optimised for your customer, it might hurt where your website sits in the SERPs. 

The Google algorithm is a close held secret. We love this stuff though and we’re always keeping abreast with updates. We have to or you don’t get the clicks.

Web Hosting

SERCA’s audit starts from the very basic element, where your website is being hosted.  How long does it take for someone in your target market to get to it?

Is the hosting plan suitable for the amount of traffic you’re already getting. We want to scale so we need a good hosting plan that can grow with the business, are we right.

As your business grows, more people will start to visit your website. Its a must we get you a reliable and reputed web hosting provider to handle all your traffic.

They better offer great support too. What’s the point of support that doesn’t assist us when we need it.

Web Hosting and Auditing
Website Audit and Optimisation

Website Audit

So it’s time to scan every element of your site. Does the content reflect your business?  You know what we mean by content, the words on the page.

Do you have images, people love seeing well presented images. The Google crawler needs to understand what those images are too.

Do you have video, a mixture of content is important, I’m talking relevant video.  We’ll check that your video is actually benefiting your customer. 

What do your pages look like in the Google SERPs, are the page titles relevant? Do you have an optimised meta-description with a call to action. Theres quite a few of these on the page, all pointing to different websites. We want your target customers to see  yours and feel compelled to click on it.

Can your customers navigate your website? We check a customer can click on a page, then get to another page on your site that helps them further. Important? Yep, you bet.

At SERCA we’ll look at all these aspects and more. We need to see how friendly your site is to navigate. As humans, we read and view websites in a different way than a page on a book.

Content Audit

The content on your website is its soul. Your website won’t rank well over the long term without high quality content. Regardless of how many tools you deploy.

There is a term used often in the SEO game and it’s ‘content is king’. It’s worth remembering and who doesn’t love an authoritative website with a mix of content.

We’ll analyse your website content to see if it matches your customer’s search queries.  We can see what queries your competitor’s sites are ranking for, its not rocket science.

We know if your content doesn’t answer your customer’s query, its game over. There is so much competition out there and your customers know it.

After analysis, we’ll show you what we found. SERCA’s content team doesn’t have time to water it down, we get to the point. We check it’s delivering value to your customers by the time they’re viewing your page. You see we love the analytics! 

We check your content is actually unique? Our tools scan the internet and show us the other matching content. No-one likes a copycat, and so many try to shortcut the system by copying.

It happens more than you might think. And when it does, your website is at risk of a penalty. A penalty you can’t see but Google does. 

Security Audit

A sound security audit of your website is key to your business continuity. At SERCA, we analyse how secure your website is, especially in the context of external threats.  We know about the other threats too.

As your website improves, it will attract the attention of your competitors. Some of them don’t realise we can track almost anything.

They might try and bring down your website with sabotage techniques. Plenty of them out there to read on the internet.

Some of these techniques may involve malware and malicious scripts. They can even send false traffic to your website. All this increases your website’s load time and affects user experience.

Our customers connect to our monitoring software so we can see whats going on. Our software checks who is logging onto your website.

We can also safeguard your website by adding protective tools. This will protect your website from any such threats in the future.

Security Audit
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Audit

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Audit

SEO is by far the best and most sustainable technique to improve your online visibility. Yet, SEO takes time to show results and it is a combination of many factors. Did you know that there are hundreds of factors that play a part in your search rankings?

You’ll see lots of claims promising all sorts of results online. We see them all the time too.

The reality is we take the time to understand your point of difference.  We find those long tail keywords and google search terms with higher results.

That means your website has a greater chance of turning up in the SERPs. Combine that with a good meta-description and a strong voting strategy and we’re there.

An SEO technique which is producing results in one niche can have an opposite effect in another. The expertise of our team combined with our dedication to your business will ensure your ROI with us. We’ll devise a comprehensive SEO strategy for your business.

Social Media Audit

Most businesses fail to use social media well if at all. Others run there business off it neglecting there website.

The bottom line is you need them all, start thinking of them as multiple sales channels. As business owners we all want that.

Our social media team will look for your target audience on social media. One of them is going to be more effective than others.

We work to build engagement by ensuring your social media content is informative. This compels your audience to read and click and respond to your posts.

SERCA’s social media managers will engage your audience and promote your business. We’ll produce a calendar of posts referring to the positive aspects of your business. Posts that promote what you do best, and engage your audience.

These are some of the areas we will audit for you at SERCA. The exact auditing needs of your organisation may vary but rest assured, we know how to do our job well.

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