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SERCA offers a wide range of services to improve your online presence and protect your business identity. We can make your website rank higher in search results whilst protecting your digital footprint.

Your visibility over the web is not a one-time effort. It is something you have to stay on top of, continually improve and keep up to date.

Doing all this is rarely possible for a busy small business owner. It diverts your time and energy from actually running your business. This is where SERCA comes in as your online services provider.

What We Do at SERCA
Why is an Online Presence Important

Why is an Online Presence Important?

Businesses rely on referrals in the early stages. Friends and people you know get your business going but it is your website that others see. We make sure your customers find you using our proven track record of method combined with years of experience. We find the terms potential customers use in the locations where you want to do business. With all the competition out there, this is crucial.

If your matching customer doesn’t find your site, you’ll be struggling to stay busy. We take pride in the fact we keep our business owners busy doing what they love and their potential customers engaged.

History of SERCA

At SERCA, we have been managing the online portfolios of a broad customer base since 2003. The change since then has been immeasurable. We embrace Google, Your industries advice and use ‘white hat’ techniques to promote your business. It’s all about promoting what your business does best and keeping at it in the right way. By maintaining a balance of healthy practises, Google looks after the rest, rewarding you by promoting you higher.

SERCA is a one stop solution to all the aspects of managing your online existence. Now, let’s give you an overview of our services.

Successful History of SERCA

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you want the answer or solution to something over the web, what’s the first thing you do? You type a query or “keyword” in the search bar of a search engine, likely Google. Google then displays what it sees as the most relevant results.

You’re most likely on your phone or tablet, on the train or waiting for a doctors appointment. You don’t bother to scroll past Page 1, as often the the result you want is likely in the top few results. What appears in the first search engine result page, or SERP, is digital gold. The folks in these top positions have made a lot of effort to get there and guess what. They get all the clicks.

Sounds easy right, well….. there’s a bit to it and you will need a trusted guide. At SERCA, we have the required expertise and experience to make this happen for you. Patience is key though. SEO takes time but if your efforts are well directed, you won’t regret the results of this investment.

Website Audit

On the outside, that’s often called the front-end, your website looks fine, right?. Your website can look very different to Google though.  We look at the detail, the stuff that you and your customers don’t see. From the layout of the page to quality of the content from within it, we check it all. A small detail such as a broken link can leave a bad impression on your visitor and is a negative to a search engine bot.

At SERCA, we use specific tools to audit your website with precision. They are very accurate and find things that others do not. We know this because over time, we’ve tried them all. Once identified, we get to work, making those essential changes ready for the next scan your site by a customer or Google.

Audits and Analysis

Social Media Management

Social Media is here to stay and it can work wonders for your business and website rankings when managed properly. The stats are in and a large percentage of social media users are checking their pages daily. What an opportunity for business? Social media can prove to be a great source of retaining existing customers and bringing in new ones.

SERCA will manage your social media in a systematic and methodical way. We first identify the platforms that are most relevant to your business. You know, the ones your target market is using. Then, we optimise your social media page and create compelling, informative posts. Your audience sees this and before long will feel compelled to engage. It’s a science and our team loves it!

Online Security

Your website is likely built using similar technology that of your competitors and colleagues. We take into account those folks on the internet who are neither your existing or prospective customers.  I’m sure you know who we’re talking about. We use tools that alert us at a glance of surreptitious activity. These guys can cause havoc if they go unnoticed. These actors may be after your website’s content, your products and even your very customers. They will resort to every nefarious trick up their sleeves to pin you down.


This is where the website security tools offered by SERCA come into play.

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