Our Vision, Philosophy & Values

SERCA was founded in order to bring the power of the information and Internet revolution to the small, medium and large sized businesses of Australia. Our goal is to leverage the power of innovative ideas through the use of information technology and information systems.

SERCA is an Australian based IT consultancy firm that is operated by IT professionals of many disciplines and backgrounds. SERCA is structured to embrace the needs of our clients through this multi-disciplined approach in order to provide the very best possible solutions.

Our Wide Range of Products and Knowledgable staff

SERCAs expert sales staff helps businesses and consumers choose the right technology then shows them how to maximize their productivity. Our customers can have the confidence knowing that they have everything they need to make their technology work.

Our Guaranteed, Reliable Technology Service

With a nationwide network of resources available, we provide excellent installation, upgrade and repair service in the store or at a customers home or office.

Whether it be an SEO Website Service, a Customised PC system, Integrated Networking Solution or even Data Disaster Recovery service our Package pricing eliminates the guesswork that comes with hourly rates. Our next-day appointments both mean customers can rely on SERCA to be there when they need help, not days later.

Our Commitment to Business

Whether operating out of home offices or in larger settings, businesses know the right technology at the right price plus comprehensive service is critical to their success and that´s exactly what SERCA provides.